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Historical Magic

August 3, 2010

When I was in middle school, I remember one time when my social studies teacher was out sick and my fellow students and I got to spend two glorious days watching a video about the American Revolution. We were given a worksheet to complete while watching the video and one of the answers to a question was “musket balls.” Whoever was narrating the video apparently had an accent incomprehensible to our Southern ears and I remember a lot of the class answered the question with “mustard bowls.”

I’m not really sure what role they thought mustard bowls would play in throwing off British tyranny. Maybe we would have thrown bowls of mustard in the faces of the British and said “No! We don’t have Grey Poupon!” and then laughed when the mustard burnt their eyes. Or not.

But what really stood out to me was hearing some of my fellow scholars ask if the footage of the American Revolution was real. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Southerners are ignorant. I promptly told them that no, it’s not real. Video obviously wasn’t invented until the Civil War. How else would Geico get footage of Honest Abe for their commercial?

But seriously, I wonder how many people have Googled that commercial to find out if it’s really Abraham Lincoln. Well played Geico. Well played.

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