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30-Second Thoughts

September 21, 2010

I often have random thoughts that are too long for a facebook status, but not quite long enough for a full blog entry. So every once in a while, I’ll gather a few together and post them here in a roundup of my 30-Second Thoughts.

* You know how they say that hate usually springs from ignorance? You hate the things you don’t know. I think of this whenever I go somewhere north or west of the Mason-Dixon line and they don’t serve sweet tea. I think to myself that if they just tried sweet tea, if they were just exposed to the wonderment of that superior beverage, it would sweep the nation and southerners would no longer fear the drinks menu at restaurants outside the southeast. We’d no longer receive stares from servers in restaurants, servers who are living in ignorance and oblivious to what they’re missing out on. It’s really sad, actually. Ignorance, my friends, is not bliss.

* Bathroom fans are the placebo of a household. Patients are given a placebo and then studied to see if just thinking they’re getting medicine helps with their ailment, even though all they’re getting is a useless white pill. Bathroom fans lead you to believe they’re actually doing something, but really they’re just around to make us feel better and drive people like me insane. We think that they actually do something, like get rid of smells or keep a shower’s steam from lingering. But no, I see no evidence of this ever happening. Instead, people leave them on and the white noise causes my brain to misfire and contemplate seriously injuring whoever failed to turn off the fan.

* There are a lot of overused and overexposed songs out there. Songs that have been put in commercials and movies and sung by American Idol contestants trying to prove their vocal prowess to judges. But one song rises above all others. A song so overused that my love for it has been replaced by a Pavlovian response to change the channel or gag every time I hear even the first few notes. I’m talking about the song “At Last.” First sung in the movie Orchestra Wives, it was made most popular by Etta James. Since then, it has been used more often than a tween wears her Team Edward t-shirt. Seriously, can we all just agree that it’s a nice enough song, but that there are about a billion other songs out there and surely one of them could work just as well advertise makeup or a romantic movie or to show that you really and truly love someone. Come on people, expand your horizons past that compilation CD of romance songs you bought in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.

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