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Rainy Days

September 27, 2010

via sarahplainandtall

Today feels like the first rainy day in months. This is an exaggeration, but I don’t count those days that start out as rainy and then become sunny. In Georgia there were a lot of those. It would rain early in the morning, and then the sun would come out and the day turned out incredibly hot and humid.

I always crave rainy days because they seem more relaxed and like less is expected of them. When it’s sunny and beautiful, it feels wasted that I should sit inside all day and work on the computer. But on days like today, things seem slower and I don’t feel as pressured to go, go, go. This isn’t really true, though. I have just as much to do as any sunny day. But the atmosphere of rainy days is just more my style. I still love sunny days (especially during the weekend), but I could handle more rainy days in my life.

via Cuba Gallery

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