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Friday Fun Links

October 8, 2010

Here’s a roundup of a few links from around the Internet world. Click on any of the photos to find where I got them.

– I don’t have a word that could describe just how perfect this photo is:

– Several of my friends have become parents in the last year, and several dozen more in the last few years. So I feel that it would only be right for me to pass on this photo for Halloween inspiration:

– I was pretty excited when a couple of guys in Nashville started a campaign to save the Blue Like Jazz movie. Donald Miller has spent the last few years working on the film with Steve Taylor, only to learn that they wouldn’t be able to make the film because of a lack of financial backers. Within a few days of announcing this, a campaign to save the movie was started and only 10 days later, $125,000 had been pledged. Learn more about the movie and the campaign to save it here.

– An awesome DIY project at to turn the pages of an old book into fabric.

-And let’s end with a hilarious video from Tripp and Tyler. Pretty sure they made this for the Catalyst Conference.

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