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Backtracking on the Gap Logo

October 12, 2010

Gap announced today that after the outpouring of hatred toward their new logo, they’d be going back to their old, blue-box logo. This isn’t all that surprising, especially after Tropicana did the same thing a few years ago.

What’s surprising to me is that Gap even changed their logo at all. Personally, I think a well-known (and dare-I-say it) iconic company needs to have a very good reason for ever changing their logo. If you’ve spent years or decades building your brand into something recognized by the majority of the population, why would you change the logo? Why change something that goes hand-in-hand with who you are as a company?

I can’t imagine other well-known companies with classic logos doing the same. Can you imagine Coca-Cola changing their classic white script font to a sans-serif font like Helvetica? (Which is the font used in the now-defunct Gap redesign.) Or Lord and Taylor getting rid of their handwritten script? It just seems ill-advised to change something that has been around long enough to be called classic, in exchange for a logo that could be made using Microsoft Publisher.

I’m not saying a company should never change their logo or identity, but it seems wise for a company that plans on staying around for several more decades to focus on their products being trendy, and not jumping on every design bandwagon.

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  1. Schniff Schnaff Shalomie permalink
    October 28, 2010 3:30 pm

    Opera’s getting it now too:

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