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Just Say No to Complaining About the Weather

November 12, 2010

Eavesdropping is one of my favorite things to do. Admit it, you do it too. And the thing is, I doubt most people care because we broadcast our business all over the internet anyway, so I’m really just getting the live show. We love to express our opinions and reactions about everything to anyone who will listen. It’s like we all have Tourettes syndrome, but rather than shouting expletives, we shout pointless updates. At the mall! Eating a biscuit! I just unlocked the “uninterested” button on four square! Someone give me praise so I can feel good about myself!

I left something out of those proclamations, though. The one that leaves me baffled and the most annoyed—opinions about the weather. As a resident of the Southeast, I get to see a whole lot of updates about the weather in the summer. Breaking news! It’s hot! No kidding. This also includes lots of photos of car dashboards displaying the actual temperature.

Here’s the thing. I understand that sometimes you just have to get a complaint out of your system. It helps relieve the tension a bit if you express your anguish to someone else. But as we enter the winter season, can we all agree to stop doing it so much? Can we all just read a book and talk about that instead? Or maybe we could just suck it up and remember that in a few months the weather will change again.

This also goes for people who feel the need to say “It’s not that hot/cold. Where I’m from…” This is especially true of people who come down south and feel the need to remind us that where they’re from, they don’t close schools unless there is 4 feet of snow on the ground. Guess what, skippy? We like getting out of school and work for a light dusting of snow. We love the thrill of going to the store and buying them out of milk and bread, just in case. And the next time you complain about the heat in the summer, how about we just throw you in a large container of sweet tea and tell you to stop complaining?

Wow. This blog entry is turning into more of a rant than I was expecting. But my point is this: Stop complaining about the weather. You aren’t telling us something we don’t already know and it’s not like we can do anything about it. In the summer it’s hot, in the winter it’s cold, and for two weeks in the fall and spring the weather is perfect. The next time you feel the urge to complain about the weather, just abstain from it and think of something constructive to do.

I’m making a commitment to not complain about the weather this winter. Sure, I may not be able to feel my fingers and I could spend the next five months wrapped up in a fleece blanket, but you won’t hear about it from me. Because the one thing this world does not need, is one more whiny complaint about something none of us can do anything about. Feel free to join me in this “Just say no to complaining about the weather” vow.

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