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Thankful Tuesday

November 16, 2010

Each week at Mama:Monk they have Thankful Tuesday. I decided to do my own Thankful Tuesday because sometimes it takes making a list of things to be thankful for to help realign priorities. Also because I can’t think of anything else to write about.

1. New friends: Since moving back to North Carolina I’ve made a few new friends to add to an already stellar list of friends. Some I technically already knew, but had never met in real life and others I stumbled upon randomly. It’s always such a blessing to meet someone who adds another aspect of joy to your life. Included in this item is seeing old friends for the first time in years and being able to talk like no time has passed at all.

Not NC, but taken from the National Geographic website several years ago.

2. Warm weather: The leaves are turning yellow, red and orange, but the weather is still in the 60s and 70s. I may not have mentioned this in the last 15 minutes, but I friggin’ love North Carolina.

3. Michael Vick’s comeback: I know a lot of people still hate Michael Vick for his dog fighting days, and I admit I was disgusted and instantly disliked him when it all came out a couple of years ago. But this season since playing for the Eagles I have been absolutely amazed with how well he is doing. And I have to admit I’m surprised that pastors all over the country haven’t used him as a sermon illustration. What is more relevant to the story of Christians than Vick’s story? He did a horrible thing, asked for forgiveness (and paid for his actions monetarily and through jail time), and now he’s being given a second chance. I don’t know if he has actually changed personally, but I for one am always in favor of giving people a second chance and I love it when they really take advantage of second chances and exceed all expectations.

4. iTunes selling The Beatles: No wait, I’m sorry. This was supposed to go on the “So what?” list.

5. Best of 2010 Lists: I got an email from Amazon the other day with a list of the best books of 2010. Sure, it’s only November, but it’s a sign that one of my favorite things is coming soon. I love reading through “best of” lists to find out what I may have missed.

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and I have been avoiding reading or seeing anything having to do with the final movie. Sure, I know what happens, but I want to go into the movie as ignorant as possible to how they’ve decided to tell the story. And it comes out this weekend and I get to see it with two of my all-time favorite people. Also, read this blog entry from Tyler Tarver for a great explanation of how Harry Potter loves Jesus.

Most of these are small, seemingly insignificant things for which to be thankful. But sometimes those are the best reminders of how great your life is. What are you thankful for today?

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