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Summer Camp Chronicles: The Goat Head

November 23, 2010

My philosophy for belongings is that everything has a place and everything should be in its place. If you don’t have places for all your stuff, then it’s time for a purge. Summer camps do not operate this way. Or at least TVR did not operate this way when I worked there. This was evidenced through a storage closet they had in the main office where you could find all manner of things, including old financial documents, photos…and a goat head.


What the goat would have looked like "before."

Not a severed goat head—that’s disgusting. It was a taxidermed goat head. Early during my first summer a few of us were given the task of cleaning out this closet, or at least attempting to make it a little more organized and get rid of things that were not essential. Shockingly, the goat head fell into the category of things that were not essential. So, of course, we took it for the good of the summer staff, and we used it for our own entertainment purposes.

There is a hierarchy of rooms at camp. Those rooms at the top are the ones we all want to stay in because they have amenities such as toilets that work most of the time and ample storage space. At the bottom of the hierarchy are rooms with a constant feeling of dampness and year-round residents that are furry and like to make nests with toilet paper.* Summer staff was often assigned to live in the rooms at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Guess what makes a dark and damp bathroom worse? Finding a goat head on the toilet in the dark and damp bathroom. But you better believe that it happened. A lot. Our goat friend was found in bathrooms, in beds and just about anywhere else a goat head could fit and scare fellow staff members.

Unfortunately, he was not a young goat and his hair began falling off and leaving a trail of white wherever he was going. You could follow the trail of white and be met by a taxidermed nightmare staring back at you with glassy eyes. Almost as quickly as he’d come into our lives, ready and willing to scare the bejeezus out of people, he was gone. We had to retire him to the trash heap and say goodbye to our taxidermed pranking.

But they were good times while they lasted. Although I’m still not sure why someone would have a goat taxidermed.

*I should add that things have changed a lot at camp and the hierarchy is much smaller. Renovations have made all but a couple of the cabins really nice. But during the goat head summer, things were still in transition.

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  1. November 23, 2010 8:34 pm

    What summer was this?


    • dtdorrin permalink*
      November 23, 2010 8:39 pm

      It was 2000–Go Deep! My first summer. 🙂

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