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2010 Gift Guide

November 30, 2010

Blogs across the internet will be full of gift guides in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Well I’m here for you, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to add a few suggestions to the mix. Hopefully some of these suggestions will come in handy for your shopping needs:

For the mom who likes creepy collectibles: A life-like baby doll. I don’t know what it is about these things, but there is a faction of women out there who cry in delight at the mere mention of these dolls. Personally, if I come within 20 feet of any of these dolls, they’d play a starring role in a series of nightmares for the next three months.

For the dad who has everything: Toilet golf. Whether your dad plays the game or not, this gift will keep him entertained for hours. Which would be totally weird and awkward if he spent hours on the toilet playing golf, but whatever.

For the brother who can’t grow a full mustache: Have a brother who bemoans his inability to look like Magnum PI? Here’s the next best thing—a Carstache. Forget that piddling little face ‘stache and go all out with a huge show of manhood for the front of his car.

For the awkward married couple who makes everyone uncomfortable: A personalized love shack sign. Let this sign serve as a warning to visitors, while simultaneously thrilling the recipients. Enter their home and be prepared to see some serious PDA.

For the delusional sports fan: This is really more for the delusional baseball fan, but I’m sure we all know one of those. With this personalized MLB photo, let them daydream about being on the field with their favorite team. And when he gets irrationally upset about their losses, he can look upon this photograph and remember the good times. The fake good times.

For the daredevil: I for one, enjoy lying about my injuries. That scar on my hand is from a knife-fight, not from baking cookies. If you know anyone who gets injured on a regular basis and enjoys lying about their escapades, make life easier for them with these What Happened Bandages. All that’s left up to them is crafting a most excellent story to go with the corresponding bandage.

For the friend who just bought their first home: It’s so sad to walk through a new house and see empty rooms, waiting for new furniture. Well shut the front door, because this beauty is so grandiose that it’s the only thing they’ll need in a room: King Tut’s Egyptian Throne. One look at this thing and you’ll start wondering if you should just keep it for yourself.

For the badminton enthusiast: I heard somewhere that badminton is the nation’s fastest growing racket sport. Not really, I totally made that up. But just in case you know someone whose love for badminton is unparalleled by anything less weird, here’s a wonderful badminton light to help make their house a home.

For the blogger who likes to drop hints: Perhaps you’re wondering what to get for the twenty-something writer who has impeccable taste. Maybe try a locket from Etsy, or a scarf from LiveFashionable, or a pair of shoes from Toms. Just a thought.

I hope this gift guide will help make gift-giving easy this year! And remember: when in doubt, just ask them. Don’t try to guess because then you end up buying them a mulberry-scented candle to go with the 89 other candles they’ve received from people who don’t know what to buy.

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  1. lindzshaw permalink
    November 30, 2010 12:40 pm

    So funny… especially enjoyed the King Tut’s throne… every home needs one!!

  2. Your Mama permalink
    December 1, 2010 7:47 pm

    Your so subtle

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