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Friday Fun Links

December 10, 2010

It’s Friday! Which means all across the Internet, people will be posting statements such as “TGIF” or “I thought Friday would never come!” on Facebook and Twitter and FacePlace and YouBook, as if this day doesn’t come once a week every week. But what it means for the fine readers of this cyber-establishment is a list of fun links around the web. Go forth, wonderful person, and peruse:

– Apparently I need to be on a reality show, or do something crazy to become just famous enough that I’ll get a book deal: The Year in Disturbing Celebrity Book Deals

– A handmade iPod dock that naturally amplifies sound, using only the built in speaker: Koostik

– The greatest use of Photoshop ever: True American Dog

– Keith Green vs. John Lennon: John Lennon? Meh…

– The 10 Most Innovative Viral Ads of 2010

– I wish this woman was correct in saying that folding a fitted sheet is one of the biggest challenges I’ll face as an adult. However, she folds a fitted sheet like a champ:

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