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Green and Yellow

February 4, 2011

Aaron Rodgers

The topic of sports has been covered on this site before. I know that people usually fall into two categories when it comes to these things—follower or uninterested—so if you’re from the latter group, go ahead and skip this post. Except don’t really because that will hurt my feelings.

This is a big weekend for me. More than 10 years ago I made a commitment to the Green Bay Packers. For better or worse, they were my team. Some years I was an avid follower of their games and news, but in others I didn’t take as much interest for one reason or another (usually because I didn’t have cable and access to SportsCenter or Pardon the Interruption). The last few years since Aaron Rodgers replaced Brett Favre, I’ve been on it like overcooked eggs on a stainless steel pan (cooking simile for the win!).

And no, it has absolutely nothing with Aaron Rodgers and his thick eyelashes and blue eyes. I know you were thinking it, and I’m insulted it would even cross your mind.*

I don’t think I could explain in a blog post just how excited I am about the Packers going to the Super Bowl. We’re talking jittery with excitement. I was optimistic about their chances at the beginning of the season. Then they were plagued with injuries, started losing games, and even lost to Detroit. Detroit, people! But things turned back around and they’ve played like the team we’d all been expecting to see.

In the grand scheme of things, I know that this game doesn’t matter. I know it’s just a chance for rich men to become richer, and for athletes to boost their ego. I know it’s horrible that we’re willing to pay millions of dollars to men who can throw and catch a ball, while teachers have to use what little money they make to ensure they have enough books or paper in their classrooms.

I know all of this.

But guys—watching those overpaid athletes run around a field is so much fun. You never know what could happen. One team may be highly favored over another, but isn’t one of the best things about sports the underdog? Neither of these teams could be called an underdog, but that’s a joy to watch in and of itself. You’re watching two elite teams battle it out and try to outsmart and outplay each other.

So if the Packers win, it’s possible I’ll become an insufferable fan who types in all caps and updates Twitter and Facebook with poetic ballades of affection for my team. But come on—can you blame me?

If the Steelers win, I will have to take comfort in the Snickers ice cream cake (shaped like a football) that Sarah is bringing to our party.

*No, seriously, it’s not that. That’s just a bonus.

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