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Chunky Junk Jewelry

February 7, 2011

For obvious reasons, I have sports on the brain today. Since my beloved football season is over, my thoughts are turning to baseball and my favorite baseball movies. And I must confess, Angels in the Outfield is one of my favorites. There, I said it. I know I should say something like Field of Dreams or The Natural, and though they’re good movies, my heart belongs to Angels in the Outfield. Among all the great sports movies, I also love The Sandlot, Remember the Titans and many others, but Angels in the Outfield combines two of my favorite things:

Sports and adoption.

I still remember the first time I watched Angels in the Outfield and I was elated when Danny Glover’s character said he was adopting both of the boys in the movie. I loved it—loved, loved, loved it.

Talk to me for more than 15 minutes and I can find a way to bring the conversation around to adoption and my desire to fill a house with children who need a family. But since I am not really at a place in my life where having kids would be wise, I love finding ways to support others who are helping orphans.

That’s where Chunky Junk comes in. A few years ago a friend of mine was selling Chunky Junk jewelry at an art show and when she told me about their mission, I was sold right away. It’s simple: Chunky Junk partners with women in Delhi, India by selling their jewelry in the United States. Their jewelry is bought using fair trade prices and the profits help support orphanages in Ghana, Haiti, and India.

I have a pair of wooden earrings from Chunky Junk (as well as an “I heart orphans” sticker on my car) and was looking over their other available jewelry. I picked out of few of my favorites and thought I’d share them here so you can see what sort of things they sell.

Chunky Junk

A: Silver Feather Earrings B: Double Up Long Necklace C: Spiral Silver Earrings D: Silver Bracelet

If you’re looking for some great, affordable jewelry for yourself or anyone else, check out Chunky Junk and help support a great cause and learn more about their mission. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

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