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Photo 050

February 26, 2011


Another photo from my archives, also taken by the river near camp. This time we’re at the place where we’d pick up the campers. We wait the 20 or 30 minutes (depending on how high or low the river was) and talk about everything from which staff members had crushes on each other, to daydreams about the future. Sometimes we didn’t talk about anything and just walked in the river. Still some of my favorite memories are waiting by the river for campers.

The guy in this photo was fishing one day, perhaps taking a break from working at the nearby mica mine. Or maybe he’s a mechanic and was spending his lunch break away from the fumes of the shop. The small towns around camp weren’t full of jobs, so his options were pretty limited. Though for all I know he could be a secret millionaire who made his money from inventing a lure that is used by 90% of all fly fishers*. He escapes the demands of his busy life by fishing in the Toe River, where nobody will know who he is. You never know.

*Pretty sure that isn’t a fly fishing rod he’s using, but just go with it.

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