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The World’s Worst Chick Flick Part 12: Beastly

March 8, 2011

BeastlyI am willing to admit that my taste in romantic comedies is a bit harder to please than a lot of women. I can’t help it—I just over analyze these movies and ruin them for me. This weekend I saw a movie, though, that confirms my suspicions. It’s not all romantic movies that make me cringe, it’s mostly romantic comedies.

Proof: I went to see Beastly and loved it. I do not use that word lightly when categorizing movies. I have an internal debate with myself each time I give a movie a five-star rating on Netflix. Did I really “love” this movie? Or just “really like it”?

I loved Beastly.

Maybe it’s my inner 8-year-old coming out as a result of my undying devotion to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Give me a Beauty and the Beast adaptation and I am there in a heartbeat. Add an Olsen twin as the witch and I’m there on opening weekend.

As I said, Beastly is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast that takes place in New York City. Kyle is the handsome prince character, and Lindy is the goodhearted girl who falls for the beast. They each attend a swanky school where Kyle is popular and handsome and tortures the school’s witch, Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen). Kyle goes too far one night with a prank and Kendra curses him and tells him he has one year to think of others and find someone who loves him, or else he’ll be ugly forever. He’s now covered in tattoos, gashes, boil-like growths and has lost his overly-coiffed blonde hair.

His father believes that beauty is of the utmost importance, so he hides him away in an apartment with a blind tutor (Neil Patrick Harris providing comic relief) and a housekeeper. Through a series of circumstances involving drug dealers, Lindy comes to live in Kyle’s apartment. He learns to pay attention and think of others and falls in love with Lindy. In the Disney version, the beast gives Belle a huge library. (Side note: I’d totally live with the Beast if it meant having that library.) In this version, Kyle builds Lindy a greenhouse full of roses.

This movie has its cheesy parts, like every romance. Vanessa Hudgens plays Lindy and she’s no Katharine Hepburn, but I didn’t go into this expecting Oscar-worthy performances. Mary-Kate Olsen was great as the witch and Neil Patrick Harris provided just the right amount of humor to keep things from entering into Lifetime Movie mode.

I’d recommend this movie to a group of women looking for a chick flick to watch with their girlfriends. Maybe guys will like it too, but I’m guessing that most men will want to demand that they get to choose the next movie and that it will be full of explosions and fast cars. Just a hunch.

On the official Searching for the World’s Worst Chick Flick scale, (which is unavailable at this time) I’d give Beastly a solid 8.5.

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  1. March 9, 2011 3:59 pm

    I’d go for watching this, but not for the romantic aspects. I just love a good adaptation. That’s the only reason I watched Ten Things I Hate About You (I’m a Shakespeare fan too).

    • dtdorrin permalink*
      March 9, 2011 9:33 pm

      Yes! I love a good adaptation. However, I draw the line at writing new stories using classic characters. Like all the books that are written as sequels or prequels to Pride and Prejudice. Sacrilege!

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