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The World’s Worst Chick Flick Part 13: Morning Glory

March 15, 2011

If I’m going to be stressed out during a movie, it had better be due to an alien attack, or while Matt Damon is fighting terrorists. But not ever, never, ever during a chick flick. I don’t watch chick flicks to be stressed because everything in the life of the main character is going wrong or because every character on the screen is completely unlikable.

Therefore, in conclusion, and ergo: Morning Glory is not a good movie. Let me expound on this matter of fact statement. It’s as thought they’re tried to mix romantic comedy with comedy with drama with “go get ’em and take on the world because you’re a woman” genres. It seemed as though they were going for a lighthearted Norma Rae and got Jersey Girl instead.

Rachel McAdams plays Becky, an executive producer who’s laid off and then gets a new job at the failing morning show Day Break. Diane Keaton’s character (Colleen) is the host of this show and Harrison Ford’s character (Mike) is brought in as the new co-host to help boost ratings. Everything about this show sucks. The stories, the hosts, the ratings, even the doorknobs in the studio. Colleen is high maintenance, but willing to do what it takes to get better ratings. Mike is a washed-up newsman who used to be great at his job, but is now mean, old, bitter and arrogant.

Oh! And Becky meets a cute guy that is apparently great.

The show is about to get cancelled, so Becky does everything to up the ratings, while Mike refuses to do anything. (His contract dictates that he has the right to refuse stories.)

This is what’s stressful about this movie: Nothing goes right and just when you think it’s about to go right, something goes wrong. Just when you think Mike is going to start cooperating, he becomes a jerkface again. And again. And again. Just when Becky is getting into the swing of things, her boss threatens to cancel the show. Just when ratings start to pick up, her boyfriend gets mad at her or something.

Now let’s talk about the characters. Someone please remind me of why Harrison Ford is famous. I’m trying to think about the movies he’s done and all I can picture is a guy who mumbles and walks slow. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge Star Wars fan (and I find his character to be annoying in Star Wars—there! I said it! So shoot me!) and this movie has successfully made me forget the good movies he’s made.

I once joked on Twitter that they should make a reality TV show where celebrities staged interventions for fellow celebrities who have started making bad career moves. On the list would be Harrison Ford. (Also on the list would be Robin Williams and Nicholas Cage.) My friend hypothesized that Ford lost a bet and that’s why he was in this movie. Even when he has his “ah-ha” moment and stops being a jerk, his character is so mumbly and incoherent, that you can’t help but wonder how his character ever became a Peabody Award winner.

One more thing: Rachel, dear…get those stinking bangs out of your eyes. Drove me nuts the whole time. You have such a pretty face–don’t pull a Kate Hudson and cover it up.

In the end, everything ends well and Becky gets the boy back and the show gets higher ratings. The plus side of this movie is that it co-stars the guy who played Ira in Mad About You. I may be the only one who feels this way, but I think just about every movie is made better with the addition of a cast member from Mad About You. It certainly couldn’t hurt this movie.

Morning Glory

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  1. March 16, 2011 1:46 am

    Harrison Ford was a bit actor from movies like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and almost gave up until George Lucas met him when he stopped to get gas. Yes really. Ford is also famous for being Indiana Jones, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in a couple movies (the ones where the character is not played by Ben Affleck or Alec Baldwin), and pretty much anything else that’s awesometastic. I’ve never seen him in a bad movie. Ever. Now, I need to find a chick so I can watch this movie with her and therein see for myself whether you’re wrong or he’s wrong.

    I’ve never seen Harrison Ford make a bad movie, but I once said that about Tommy Lee Jones…and then he starred in a movie where he was a cop/father-figure in charge of a cheerleading squad. Never saw it, but then again maybe ignorance is bliss.

    • dtdorrin permalink*
      March 16, 2011 4:10 pm

      There are a few Harrison Ford movies I enjoy (Witness and The Fugitive, to name a couple). I’ve not seen the Indiana Jones movies all the way through (they’re on my list, I promise!). But this movie–ugh. Part of me wants to tell you to watch it even without a girl just so you can see how bad it is, but then again I wouldn’t want to subject you to the horror. But I’d say that his movies the last few years are just not that great and he’s just become too mumbly and stoic. But that’s just my opinion and his older movies are good.

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