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Top Shot: Proof that Men and Women Aren’t That Different

March 16, 2011

I was trying to pinpoint exactly when women gained a reputation for being more dramatic and gossipy than men. Maybe Adam and Eve used to walk around Eden and Eve would complain with much drama and arm waving about the wildebeests eating her tulips. Or maybe it was Potipher’s wife from the story of Joseph (and his amazing technicolor coat). Joseph wouldn’t sleep with his boss’s wife, so she went crazy and had him thrown in prison.

But the thing is, men are just as dramatic and gossipy as women. Women know this, but the rumor persists that this is a problem just affecting women. Lies. And now there is definitive proof and it comes in the form of gun-toting men on the History Channel. Yes, I’m referencing Top Shot.

Quick overview of the show: Sixteen people (this season it was 14 men and two women; both women were eliminated before making the top 10) compete to be Top Shot. They use all sorts of different weapons, including a variety of guns, tomahawks and blow darts. Each week the two teams compete in a challenge and the losing team sends someone home. The last man standing is crowned as the Top Shot. Easy enough.

I’ve only shot a gun a few times in my life and each time was scary. Shooting guns is not my idea of a fun activity. I’m more inclined to sew or redecorate a room by putting a tree branch on the wall. While living in Georgia last year I watched the first season of Top Shot because my friends are fans of firearms. I will not lie—it was pretty entertaining, so I’ve been watching the second season and each episode proves my point: Men are dramatic and gossips.

These men—law enforcement officers, military men, homeland security officers, and more—all sit around and talk about each other constantly. They’re like a bunch of hens pecking at each other and tittering in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Here’s the difference, though, between men and women: Men fess up to gossip. Men will talk trash about each other, but then when they’re in a room together, they’ll start arguing and say what they’ve been thinking. Women will play innocent, as though every other woman in the world gossips except for them.

Oh it’s true, ladies. Don’t deny it. We all gossip and we all try to act like we don’t. Like we’re the one and only woman in the whole world who doesn’t gossip.

It’s hilarious to see these big, hulking, tough men gossip like schoolgirls about who is the better shooter and who should be eliminated. And the drama, oh the drama, of people buddying up and leaving others out. Or someone doesn’t do as well as they should and the other men freak out like someone called their momma fat.

This show is so entertaining because it’s like a glimpse into the lives of what men are really like, without the added drama of them fighting over a woman or the chance to be the next annoying reality TV celebrity. They’re just on the show to win some money and prove they’re the best at shooting stuff. Meanwhile, the audience gets to see grown men gossip about each other. It’s like a fascinating anthropological study of men. And they shoot stuff, so that’s fun too.

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  1. March 17, 2011 12:55 am

    I completely agree.

  2. Adam permalink
    April 27, 2011 3:57 am

    While its true a lot of the show is showing men “gossiping” its simply edited that way to provide drama. In the behind the scenes show after the finally there are many examples of the activities they engaged in to pass the time many of which weren’t shown on any episodes. Lets face it watching 3 men throw pebbles at a coffee cup isn’t good TV but people seem to like trash talking so thats the way the show was edited. When men gossip its usually trash talking and eventually results in a physical confrontation or a show of skill and afterwards the issue is usually over. Where as you mentioned women tend to gossip then argue then “play innocent” and then continue to bicker and gossip. I dont think its that women like to gossip more its just that men have resolution mechanisms that end the gossip more quickly

    • dtdorrin permalink*
      April 29, 2011 4:15 pm

      Totally agree that men have resolution mechanisms. I guess what I was saying, though, is that Top Shot showed a lot of examples of men gossiping (in between the times where they threw pebbles into mugs). A lot of people seem to be in denial that men gossip as much as women.
      Either way, though, I was glad to see Chris Reed won!

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