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Photo 072

March 20, 2011


Well dang. I had this photo all ready to be posted yesterday, but our internet was being difficult. So I thought to myself, “I’ll try again later, brah.” (My inner monologue vacillates between gangsta and redneck.) Except then I forgot and went to bed and dreamed of people I haven’t seen since college, The Little Mermaid, and going to a spa. (I need a vacation.) So I’m posting this anyway and yes, I’m going to back-date it, because it was ready, ya’ll! It’s the internet’s fault it wouldn’t upload. I fulfilled my end of the bargain and it’s not my fault that Time Warner Cable sucks!

Anyway—this photo is in Richmond near a pizza place (Bottoms Up, I think) where we ate. Pretty good pizza, great company, the end.


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