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World’s Worst Chick Flick Part 14: You Again

March 22, 2011

Women love a good makeover. Whether it’s a house, a dresser, or a person, we love seeing a before and after and marvel at how new flooring or a good eyebrow waxing can work wonders.

By the way, it’s also a proven fact that glasses often act as a mask that hides a girl’s true beauty. Take those glasses off and she is 89% more attractive. Or so movies and television would have you believe.

The close cousin of the makeover is the “I was a dork in high school, but now I’m grown up and beautiful” genre of film. Kristen Bell’s movie You Again is one of those. We’ll make this as short as possible. Kristen Bell plays Marni, a successful 20-something who was an unattractive loser in high school. Her main tormenter was a girl named Joanna. She goes home for her brother’s wedding and it turns out that he’s marrying Joanna, except Joanna is pretending that she doesn’t remember Marni. Joanna also explains that after her parents’ death, she reevaluated her life and made big changes. Marni does not believe this and tries to tell her brother what’s going on, but it never happens.

To add a pointless twist to the plot, Marni’s mom (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) and Joanna’s aunt (played by Sigourney Weaver) used to be best friends in high school, but had a falling out of some kind and haven’t spoken since.

The climax comes at the rehearsal dinner where Marni exposes Joanna to be the complete jerk that she was. Marni and Joanna fight, Marni’s brother is all “what the what?” and the wedding is called off. Then Marni realizes that Joanna really has changed and she’d acted like she didn’t know Marni because she was embarrassed by her behavior in high school.

Anyway…blah blah blah…they live happily ever after.

Here’s how I imagine this movie script was written: Someone had an idea for a girl to find out her brother is marrying the mean girl who bullied her throughout high school. They wrote the script and realized it would only last about 55 minutes. What to do, what to do? Let’s make it longer by adding in the “mom and aunt were friends who had a falling out” plot. Alright…well that makes it 75 minutes. I’ve got it! Let’s add a plot about the happily reunited couple getting hurt and getting married at the hospital! BAM. It’s now long enough to be a feature length film. Except now there are several silly and contrived plots taking up space in what could have been an above average chick flick.

Overall, it’s not too bad even with the silly side plots that are never fully developed. The plot about the mom and aunt seems especially silly, and there’s a thing about the dad being on a diet that just seems to be there for a laugh, although it’s not that funny. But I have a girl crush on Kristen Bell, so I’m more likely to enjoy one of her movies because seriously, she is adorbz.

Also—and this is a big one—the dads from Family Matters and Step by Step both make an appearance. Can I get a whoop whoop from all the TGIF fans out there? The addition of an actor from a 90s sitcom automatically makes me like a movie more. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, so I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t taken advantage of this demographic and created a movie starring Jaleel White, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and several other 90s sitcom stars.

Is this the greatest chick flick ever? No. Is it the worst? Heck no. Should you be glad Redbox is only $1 a night? Yes. Is it better than sitting through an episode of whatever reality dancing show is on? Yes. Should I stop asking questions and just post the movie scale? Yes.

You Again

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