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World’s Worst Chick Flick Part 15: How Do You Know

April 5, 2011

I’m going to say something that might offend fans of 90s romantic comedies, but I think Reese Witherspoon is officially the new Meg Ryan. She’s adorable, and beautiful, but not in an annoying way, (ahem…Kate Hudson…ahem) just like Meg Ryan. Hopefully, though, Reese won’t go all Joan Rivers on us like Meg Ryan with her new cheeks and lips.

What sealed the deal for me was her movie How Do You Know. Which, in this movie, makes Paul Rudd the new Tom Hanks, though I’m not sure about that one yet. Either way, this was a pretty good movie. Here’s the plot:

Reese plays Lisa, a professional softball player who is going through a crisis because she’s been cut from the team and isn’t sure what to do next. She begins dating Owen Wilson’s character, (Matty) a baseball player for the Nationals. Lisa also meets George (Paul Rudd) who is being investigated by the government for some sort of illegal finance/business stuff. I don’t know why exactly, because my brain tends to just hear buzzing sounds when people begin talking about money and business stuff. But get this—the company lawyer is played by Mark Linn-Baker of Perfect Strangers fame. Fist pump for Cousin Larry!

Both Matty and George are pretty nice guys, but Lisa isn’t really sure which one is right for her (hence the movie’s title). Matty is an athlete like her and has made a genuine effort to commit to her and so on and so forth. However, George seems right without even having to change. Guess which one she chooses?

Here’s why this movie works: The characters are likable from the beginning. None of them are super whiny, even though George and Lisa are both going through really hard times in their lives. Their sidekick friends/co-workers aren’t over-the-top weird like in a lot of movies. I’m looking at you, every character ever played by Judy Greer…Also, each character is independent, rather than co-dependent and looking for someone to make their like perfect.

There are two things in particular that I really liked, which I’ll be vague about so I don’t give too much away. First, the scene where Lisa calls to hang out with George. Second, the scene with the video camera in the hospital room. Watch the movie for yourself to see if you agree, but seriously: adorbz.

I was really pleasantly surprised by this movie. The reviews were less than favorable, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was refreshing to see characters that were each a little different from what romantic comedies usually serve us.

How do you know

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  1. Schniff Schnaff Shalomie permalink
    April 5, 2011 4:04 pm

    Becca and I just watched this. I enjoyed it too, because, in agreement with you, the characters were fresh and enjoyable. Matty wasn’t the typical male jock. George wasn’t the typical love-struck nice guy (though, he was a love-struck nice guy); George’s character was just plain fun (“Don’t make me literally run from bad news.”) Lisa was a new type of female role. Even Jack Nicholson brought something new out.

    As far as chick-flicks go, I didn’t complain about watching this (though I was worried at first, and didn’t plan to watch it through.)

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