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Thoughts on Stuff

May 13, 2011

Thoughts about typos:

– Ninety-eight percent of the time when I’m typing the word peace, I type peach first and then have to re-type it. I don’t even like peaches.

– Whenever I type “selfishness,” I say “shellfish-ness” in my head. I don’t even like shellfish.

Thoughts about talking dogs:

Seriously? Who are these people and how can I be friends with them? [via dooce]

Thoughts about email:

Apparently email is dying right along with talking on the phone. Which makes me sad because I love emailing people with long, rambling messages and dramatic retellings of stories that only friends would act interested in. But then I read this story and I think that maybe email isn’t dying. Or, at least, romance isn’t dying.

Thoughts about advice columns:

I really enjoy reading advice columns. I don’t care what kind of advice—relationship, cleaning, how to make your cat stop staring at you while you watch TV—I like them all. Maybe it’s because I like to feel like I’m superior to the crazy people who have issues and need the advice of complete strangers. Or maybe it’s because I like giving advice to others and I dream of one day getting paid to tell people what to do because they actually asked me for help so they can’t get angry when I tell them to ditch that guy and go join an Ultimate Frisbee team.

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