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30-Second Thoughts

July 18, 2011

Friday Night LightsThis past Friday was the series finale of Friday Night Lights. By far one of the best television shows I’ve ever seen, it always struggled with low ratings. Despite its low ratings, I would see updates on Facebook and Twitter from people who had just discovered it and were loving it. Seriously, I don’t think anyone has ever started watching this show and not loved it. (The same goes for The West Wing, by the way.) But every time I saw those updates, all I could think was “Where the heck were you when Friday Night Lights needed those ratings?!” Except I’m yelling it a lot louder in my head. Either way, you should go watch all five seasons in a row right now, stopping only for food, drink, and bathroom breaks. Seriously. Finish reading this blog post and then call your boss to let him know you need to take a couple days off work for “personal reasons.” Those personal reasons include, “Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t lose.”

I’m thinking of writing an epic blog post about why I think Harry Potter should be required reading for every person ever from here on out. It would probably be long and offer lots of explanations about why it’s so awesome. I’m just not sure this is something anyone except me would want to read.

Why do people out west brag about their city being on a grid system, making it so much easier to navigate? Here’s the thing. You guys are like the second kid. You were established after us easterners and could learn from our mistakes. Therefore, we are not impressed. We’d be disappointed if you hadn’t improved on our system because that would mean you’re stupid. Also, surely there are better things to brag about. Like your city’s awesome bagels, or ski resorts, or maybe that you can find turquoise jewelry in every retail store on every corner of every grid-like street.

Every time I see a car with an outdated election bumper sticker, I like to take a moment to imagine that the owner suffered from some sort of head injury. This head injury has resulted in their waking up every day thinking that it’s still the year 2000 or 2008 (depending on what sticker they have). I bet I’d like to hang out with someone who thinks it’s still the year 2000 because you’re pretty much guaranteed to never accidentally talk to them while they’re actually talking to someone on their bluetooth. They’ve also never thought about keeping up with Kardashians and probably understand why 90s boy bands are the best.

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  1. Tyler permalink
    July 18, 2011 3:30 pm

    I’d read your hp post so strongly it’d bench press.

  2. July 18, 2011 3:59 pm

    I can come up with many great things about Baton Rouge and New Orleans, NONE of which include the traffic situation.

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