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Bible Study with Kirk Cameron

August 1, 2011

Last night I had a dream in which I was a member of a Bible study with Kirk Cameron. I remember sitting there on the dream couch thinking, “This would make a great tweet! ‘I’m in a Bible study with Kirk Cameron. Basically what I’m saying is that my 7-year-old self would be SO jealous of me right now.’”

Then I woke up and forgot about the dream until later in the morning. I sat there trying to remember why I vaguely felt the need to tweet something I’d thought about in a dream. I finally remembered what I had dreamt and not only realized that I need to start eating cold pizza before bed so I can have better dreams, but also that my dream self is a filthy liar. I never watched Growing Pains and only have a vague recollection of the show at all. My seven-year-old self would only be jealous if I had been in a Bible study with Candace Cameron. Mainly because I’d be about a million degrees of separation closer to John Stamos.

You know those people who say that you can officially consider yourself bi-lingual if you dream in another language? My question is this: Can I be considered bi-lingual in social media if I’ve started composing tweets in my dreams?

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