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Summer Camp Chronicles: Chubby Pickle

August 16, 2011

Several years ago I was watching Oprah (Don’t judge. People do crazy things in college.) and they were talking about the game Chubby Bunny and how it had been outlawed. You know, because what else are politicians going to do with their time other than vote on laws about kid’s games?

PicklesIn case you don’t know what this game is, it’s basically a game to see who can stuff the most marshmallows in their mouth and still say “chubby bunny.” Some kids had choked on the marshmallows, so they outlawed the game to save people the hassle of having to pay attention to the children when they start heaving.

With Chubby Bunny now relegated to games only played by rebels and motorcycle gangs who don’t care about safety, camp came up with Chubby Pickle. That’s right—instead of marshmallows, we used pickles.

Now, take a moment to imagine this. Pickles are tart, and therefore produce an abundance of saliva. Now imagine stuffing a dozen or so pickle spears in your mouth and the amount of saliva that would produce. And if that’s not gross enough for you, imagine the smell of a dozen pickle spears, mixed with the smell of pickle-doused saliva.

It was not pleasant.

Chubby Pickle reached its height when one camper managed 30 pickles at one time.* It was absolutely disgusting, and I think it only ended because he started throwing up.

I don’t think I have to tell you that he won that bout of Chubby Pickle. Although, does anyone really win after stuffing 30 pickle spears in your mouth at one time?

*I’m pretty sure it was around 30, but that may be my memory exaggerating things. But I think it was close to that, if not that.

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