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The Razor Blade Protest

August 22, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been fooled. We have been conned by The Man. We have been duped into believing a lie and buying into it. What is that lie, you ask? I’ll tell you what it is:

Razor blade refills should cost an arm and a leg.

I went to Target this weekend and on my list were razor blades. Every time this happens, I break into a sweat because I know that there will probably be some sort of legal and binding contract asking me to give away my future firstborn child. Either give away my child, or pay an astronomical amount of cheese for a few blades that never last very long, and do not make you feel like a goddess of any sort.

Who are these crackheads that believe a single refill needs to cost more than $2? What are these blades made of anyway? Because the only way I’m paying two bucks for tiny pieces of metal is if those tiny pieces of metal are actually eight quarters that add up to equal two dollars.

You get what I’m saying?

You know where I’m going with this?

I’m saying we need to RISE UP LIKE EAGLES and protest the fact that Schick and Gillette and all their wiley counterparts are trying to con us into buying their blades. We need to say “We’re not gonna take it!” Ladies, we want smooth legs, and gentlemen want faces smooth like a baby’s bottom, but does that mean we have to take out a bank loan to do so?

Who’s with me? Who’s going to protest in a way that doesn’t mean giving up shaving because that would be gross and hairy? Let us rise up and say NO MORE. Let us watch the video below, get riled up, and tell the razor blade makers that they may take our reasonably-price razors, but they’ll never take our freedom to have hairy legs and faces!

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