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Superman: The Master of Disguise

September 14, 2011

No glasses, hair parted on the left.

One of the great debates of our time involves Superman. At one time or another, we’ve all asked ourselves how his friends and co-workers didn’t notice that the only difference between Clark Kent and Superman was a wardrobe change and the removal of glasses. I know it’s fictional and by reading or watching Superman, you’ve already agreed to put reality aside—but come on. How are we supposed to separate ourselves from reality that much?

I’ll tell you how. Because it’s totally believable that people wouldn’t notice Clark Kent’s hobby of saving the world.

Sure, in theory, people would notice that Superman and Clark share a striking resemblance. Yet, it’s been my experience that people are about as attuned to details as a narwhal is attuned to the fact that he is too awesome to not be magical.

Personally, I have had a number of people not recognize me when I wear my glasses. Everything else about me is exactly the same, but by putting on a pair of glasses, I am suddenly like a secret agent master of disguise. Throw in a different hair style and I could probably convince people I’m two different people and lead two different lives and get twice the amount of birthday presents every year.

Usually, they’ll look at me as though I seem familiar. They’ve seen me somewhere before—but where? At the grocery store? Starbucks? Target? Nope, dear acquaintance. We’ve actually met several times, but as a master of disguise, I’ve convinced you that this near-sighted dame in front of you is a totally new person.

TOTALLY DIFFERENT GUY. Glasses, and hair parted on the right.

So is it far-fetched that a man exists who can fly, have x-ray vision, and resist the wiles of a beautiful woman for as long as Superman resisted Lois Lane? Yes. But is it far-fetched that he would keep his double life a secret by wearing glasses? No.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put on my glasses and start telling people I’m Gloria von Fluffernutter and that tomorrow is my birthday.

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  1. lissard8 permalink
    September 14, 2011 4:49 pm

    I can fully back you on this. Have you ever tried to keep straight the identities of a class full of college students? Just when I think I’ve learned all their names, one of them goes and gets a hair cut, grows a beard, or throws on the glasses. Or all three of those. Please find yourself already so that I can keep straight what your name is.

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