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Explain Yourself

September 15, 2011

Sometimes people do things that make no sense. You’re left shaking your head in wonder, and move on to the next life mystery. Here are a few people that need to explain themselves:

People who cover their front porch in green AstroTurf.

People who stick silk flowers in the ground, rather than plant real flowers. Who do you think you’re fooling?

People who take 15 minutes picking out a movie from RedBox.

Anyone who has seen all of the Saw movies. A longer explanation need if you paid to see them in the theater, or own any of them.

People with an animated gif in their e-mail signature.

Anyone who live-tweets everything they watch on TV. Nobody—and I mean nobody—is witty enough to make it interesting to read about every single show or movie you watch.

The makers of cologne and perfume commercials. Why the drama? Why the overuse of smoldering looks and hushed whispers? I must be using perfume wrong.

Anyone who points out every single mistake or inconsistencies to plot line in the middle of a movie. Wait until it’s over and I’ve come back to reality.

The buyers and wearers of thigh-high lace-up Converse shoe knock-offs. Score one for the triple use of hyphenated words.

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  1. September 15, 2011 9:04 pm

    At first, I thought you were describing my grandmother, but she missed some of the Saw movies.

    I’m with you for sure on the Redbox…it only costs a dollar and it’s not a college major – what could take so long?

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