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30-Second Thoughts

September 22, 2011

1. Every person should be allowed one day of driving like a complete maniac. On this day, they can’t be pulled over for erratic driving as long as no one is injured. You’d be able to tell that someone is having their Day of Manic Driving because each person would be required to go to the DMV and rent a siren to put on top of their car. I’m pretty sure this would alleviate my innate desire to drive like I’m in a high-speed chase if I could do it just once. I want to drive like I’m in a Jason Bourne movie. Or like an ambulance driver, but without the big van or dying person.

2. I was watching Modern Family on my Tivo and they were scrolling a flash flood warning at the bottom of the screen. I wasn’t really paying attention until I saw this:

Oh really, local news station? I shouldn’t drown? Thanks for letting me know.

3. I love North Carolina, I really do. But sometimes the weather around here is like someone on a reality show. They’re acting totally crazy and irrational, and just when you think things are going to explode, here comes the most beautiful day of calm and beauty you’ve ever seen. You let your guard down for a few hours, and BAM. Humidity that will make your hair explode in a maelstrom of frizz the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 80s. Moral of the story: Never let your guard down when you’re in North Carolina, or watching something on A&E.

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