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Pumpkin Carving is for Winners

October 5, 2011

You know those blogs that chronicle the everyday lives of their authors? You learn about what they ate, and what they’ve made, and what their kids said at dinner last night. I’m a fan of those blogs. Sometimes they’ll show you pictures of their shenanigans and you feel like you know them and are friends with them.

This isn’t normally one of those blogs. Most of the time. I like to think it’s because I use this blog to practice a different type of writing, but it’s mainly because I don’t have a lot of funny stories to tell about my day-to-day life. And having a kid simply for blog material is frowned upon in most circles. But then I carved a pumpkin this weekend and decided that you should all see it. Partly because it’s awesome and partly because I have 17 half-finished blog entries and none of them are coming together. So here you go. Photos of my carved pumpkin for your viewing pleasure.Pumpkin

1.Here is the before photo of our lovely pumpkin and the setup for the lobotomy procedure. The markers are for drawing the design on the pumpkin before carving.

2. Ben is scooping out the insides like a boss. You can tell he’s enthused by the slimy innards.

3. Scalpel in hand, Ben scored the design and then I went back and did the fine detailing. We’ve decided we should have been tag-team surgeons. Probably plastic surgeons, based on our awesome pumpkin.

4. The final product! On the side of his head is a Green Bay logo because he is obviously a Packers player about to take down the offense. 

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