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Hello 2012

January 2, 2012

Well it’s 2012, which means we made it through another holiday season filled with jewelry commercials and enough Lexus commercials to have their theme song stuck in your head until June. But I thought 2011 was a pretty good year all in all. Though judging from the reliable sources of Twitter and Facebook, not everyone was happy with 2011. What more could you ask for in a year than a new Muppets movie, a personal assistant named Siri, and a Super Bowl win for the Green Bay Packers? Maybe that’s just me, though.

And as is the tradition, I’ve been thinking about how the new year will be different, and what I’d like to stay the same. Here’s what I cam up with:

Leave it to 2011:

1. Excessive amounts of takeout food.

2. Knowledge of Charlie Sheen’s current state of mind.

3. More blog reading than book reading.

Keep for 2012:

1. A regular exercise routine.

2. Creating prints and whatnot to sell on Etsy.

3. Mulling over plots for a novel. (And then actually writing the novel)

4. Eat a frigging macaroon. (How hard can it be to make or buy a macaroon in central North Carolina)

5. Figure out the best way to update and maintain this blog regularly.

Here’s to hoping things continue looking up and there are more stories of hope and happiness than not in 2012!

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  1. January 2, 2012 6:20 pm

    Maybe you can make a pact with yourself that you’ll only blog AFTER you’ve done your workout routine. So when you come up with an awesome idea, you can say “That’s a great idea! I should blog about it–AFTER I’ve done twenty push ups.”

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