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Question of the Week: Bounce House Camping

January 9, 2012

I love camping as much as the next person, but we have clearly dropped the ball on bettering this wonderful family activity. Camping is the toaster of outdoor activities. You see, somebody invented an appliance to toast bread, and since then little to no advances have been made in the field of toasters. Sure, you can get extra wide openings for bagels, but what if I just want one piece of toast? You’re forced to stand there, making sure it doesn’t burn your single piece of toast because it doesn’t know that there’s only one piece. It just keeps on toasting the non-existent piece of toast.

Why the heck haven’t the engineers of the world done something about this?

But I digress and that’s not the question of the week. The question of the week is this:

Why aren’t campgrounds full of bounce houses in lieu of tents?

Think about it for a minute and let’s do as we were taught in middle school health and wellness class and make a pros and cons list.


– Comfortable sleeping on a huge air mattress.

– The air machine thingy provides white noise that would drown out the noise of bears and raccoons walking around the campsite.

– Fun activity to do in between hikes and s’mores making.


– None, unless you hate whimsy and fun.

Let’s take it a step further and see how bouncy houses could transform the landscape of camping. Take a gander.

I rest my case.

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