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Designing Woman

January 11, 2012

I originally started this blog as a landing page for my business as a freelance graphic designer, copy editor, person-who-will-do-just-about-anything-that’s-legal-for-pay. I haven’t been pursuing freelance jobs as much as I used to since I started my new job. But I still work on fun projects at home and work, so I thought I’d share some stuff I’ve made lately. Take a gander, and if you ever need a custom invitation, blog header, poster, or just something pretty, get in touch!

This is something I made for my Facebook profile and the new cover image that’s part of the timeline redesign. Side note: The new layout for the profile pages is awesome. Mainly because it allows for something like the cover image. Second side note: In case you don’t have the new profile yet, the blank area to the left is where your profile picture is.

A while back I asked my friends what kind of business they’d own if they could own any type. My friend (who lives near Atlanta) came up with this brilliant idea. I Googled it and apparently no one has opened this restaurant yet (!!). Seriously, wouldn’t you want to eat a stack of pancakes from Hotlanta Hotcakes?

Everybody and their sister is starting an at-home bakery these days, so I put this logo together for fun.

I bought train tickets for my boyfriend and I for Christmas. We’ve been talking about taking the train for a while now, so I designed these old-fashioned tickets to go along with the gift.

One of my favorite lines from a Sufjan Stevens song. I was really just putting this together to play around with clipping masks and compound paths. I liked the way it turned out, though.

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  1. Bev Howard permalink
    March 26, 2017 6:50 pm

    The train tickets…. My friends are having their wedding and reception at an old train station! I would love to get train tickets like yours for the seating chart! The guests names and the date and time of the reception on each ticket. Also, each table would be a different platform so that would be how I would assign the tables. Let me know if you can help me achieve this! Thanks. Bev

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