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Things I Don’t Feel Like Googling

January 12, 2012

Either because I don’t want  Kim Cattrall to show up in my history, or because even Google can’t answer everything.

1. Is Canadian bacon really Canadian? Or is it like french fries and the name has nothing to do with its origin?

2. Who the heck is Pitbull?

3. What’s the proper etiquette for when someone on Facebook asks you to vote for them (or their baby, friend, dog, mailman) in an online contest, but you look at the other contestants and find that your friend shouldn’t win?

4. Are there a lot of documented cases of squirrel attacks? Because sometimes they stare at me and I wonder if it’s not the apes we should be worried about.

5. Is the dog in Tin Tin named Rin Tin Tin, or is that something completely different?

6. Has someone done a study about the correlation between what college someone pulls for and how annoying they are? Because I’d read that.

7. Is Sex and the City just a plot constructed by the Illuminati to brainwash women and replace them with annoying, sex-obsessed women who don’t seem to age, even though Kim Cattrall is about 87 years old?

8. What the heck is a dew point?

9. What’s the email address for the person in charge of marketing for McDonald’s so I can write them a strongly-worded email about how absolutely horrible their commercials are that have songs in them? They need to know that they are slowly driving me crazy.

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