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The Political/Cake Crisis Averted

May 30, 2012

The last time I checked, there are approximately 37 different shows involving cake, cupcakes, cake decorating, and cake eating. That’s a lot of cake.

The last time I checked, there were approximately 10,000 hours a day devoted to people talking about politics on TV, and arguing about who was right, and who was wrong, and how stupid the wrong people are.

Am I the only one who sees the goldmine here? We could save a lot of time if we combined these two endeavors. Give each group their cake, and the last man standing wins.

Politicians can’t make up their mind? Give those Philistines some cake and let CNN and the Food Network film it. Lobbyists ruining everything? Food fight on the mall. Budget crisis? Let TLC foot the bill for a fabulous cake decorating contest in the White House’s rose garden.

Once a side loses, they have to stop talking for two years about the subject at hand. After two years, they can revisit the subject. During those two years the losers can feel free to perfect their cake baking and cake throwing skills. But until then, they have to stop talking endlessly about something that only those who agree with them care about.

I think I may have just solved what’s wrong with Washington AND the over proliferation of cake shows.

Also, two semi-political posts in a row? I think I need to watch more re-runs of The Cosby Show, or perhaps eat some cake.

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