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Reading, Watching, Listening: Volume 1

August 29, 2014


I’ve had my fair share of blog crushes, but right now I have a fierce crush on A Beautiful Mess and the creators Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Their DIY style and love for vintage looks is right in line with what I envision for our new house. This week they released their book Happy Handmade Home, and I can’t wait to dig in. Not only do I love their blog, I love their go-get-’em attitude, and that they’re always trying something new and working to make their brand better. If you love bright colors, DIY, and anything vintage, I’d give their blog a visit. Once you fall in love with them, (or before that) grab a copy of their book.


Thankfully, television is not the only place to find something to watch these days. In fact, I’d venture to say I watch funny YouTube videos as much as actual TV shows these days. Probably because the summer is a TV wasteland. This past Monday the Emmys aired, and despite groan-worthy moments, the highlight for many was Billy on the Street, starring Billy Eichner. The segment on the Emmys was just a taste of the hilarity that is Billy on the Street. Go here to see the whole series. Here is one of my favorites with Amy Poehler:


One of my favorite podcasts is The Popcast. Listening to Jamie Golden and Know McCoy argue about pop culture never ceases to make me laugh. It also makes me angry. Sometimes because I can’t argue along with them, or interject my opinions. Other times because their opinions are completely wrong and they need to be informed of this. If you enjoy pop culture, and you’re looking for a source to fill you in on current events that won’t make you depressed (most of the time, unless they bring up Miley Cyrus) then check out The Popcast on iTunes (and probably somewhere else, but I don’t know).

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