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I’m a thirty-year-old living in central North Carolina who spends her days working for a non-profit doing marketing and development. My evenings are spent with my husband as we get settled into the house we just bought, and doing other important things like watching 90s sitcoms on Netflix and trying to train our puppy not to pee on the carpet. This blog started as a way to obtain freelance design jobs, but has transformed into a place for me to share my thoughts. Sometimes I write about serious things, but usually I’m just here to have fun.

The name of this blog dates back to every single TV or movie character named Tiffany. In case you haven’t noticed, characters bearing that name are not usually the smartest or wholesome women. This exchange from How I Met Your Mother sums up how Tiffanys are often portrayed:

Marshall: So have you guys landed on a name yet?

Stuart: We’re trying but it’s tougher than you think. You see, I like Tiffany.

Stacy: And I don’t want my daughter to have a whore’s name.

My goal is to take back the name Tiffany, and prove that my name is one given to women who are full of strength, humor, and the willingness to kick anyone who says otherwise in the butt. Probably not literally, though.

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